Probiotic 40 Review Improve Gut Bacteria

Probiotics, as defined by the international scientific association for probiotics and prebiotics in 2013 are “live microorganisms which when administered in adequate amount confers health benefit on the host”. Probiotics can be administered in food, beverages and even dietary supplements. 

Probiotics 40 Overview

Probiotics 40 billion is formulated to reestablish bacteria in your intestine and keep them in existence. The pills we use for birth control, medications of antibiotics, alcohol and even stress has the ability to disrupt the state of equilibrium of the good and the bad bacteria in our intestine.

This can lead to diseases caused by the numerous numbers of the bad bacteria. Research has it that the health of the gut has a major impact on the well being of the body all round. If you think you want to improve your physical well being and even enhance your brain functions, a probiotic dietary supplement such as the probiotics 40 will be a good thing to invest in.

Probiotics 40 contains 4 probiotic strains of bacteria which are stable to heat and resistant to acid in the stomach. This blend is researched clinically and has been found to amount to a total of 40 billion cells of living probiotic bacteria Probiotics 40 is a product made in the USA in a FDA endorsed facility that strictly adheres to the GMP guidelines.

How Probiotic Bacteria Can Help

Probiotic bacteria are the beneficial bacteria that live in our gut. They play a valuable role in our intestinal tract protecting us from the bad bugs. We know we have to strike a healthy balance between the friendly and unfriendly bacteria that lives in our gut, so how do we come short in this? It seems as if our style of living is what causes the problem and will provide the solution also.

Over use of antibiotics and other drugs, lack of sleep, poor choices of food, influences from the environment and even stress, both physical and emotional can influence the balance of bacteria population in our gut in favor of the bad bugs. Taking probiotics such as the probiotics 40 helps us in restoring and maintaining the health of our intestinal tract.

A healthy intestinal tract will filter bad bugs out and get rid of other harmful substance such as chemicals, toxins and other waste materials that are detrimental to the body and also help our body to take up nutrients and do away with infections.

Having a low number of good bacteria in the body will give space for the bad bacteria, viruses, yeast and parasite to multiply and cause illnesses in our body. Having a higher number of good bacteria in or intestine is important to keep our immune system healthy and also keep diseases away from us.

As a matter of fact, the probiotic bacteria in our gut are up to 10 times the number of cells in our body. One of the means to restore beneficial bacteria into our system is to stop eating foods that are nutritious to the bad bacteria and start taking the ones rich in probiotics or a probiotic supplement such as the probiotics 40.

The probiotics 40 is the easiest way of including these beneficial bacteria in our daily diet, since it requires no processing or cooking, and it does not need time to ferment. The probiotics 40 is easy and ready to be consumed every time and it can be kept handy wherever we are.

How Effective Are They?

Probiotics 40 is a formula made out of extract and ingredients that advances a healthy flora in the gut and aid is a very effective probiotics supplement and is a perfect fit to carry out the function of foods that contain beneficial bacteria in abundance such as pickled vegetable, fermented milk products such as yoghurt, kefir, cheese, fermented soy products, kombucha and so on.

In a balanced gut bacteria environment, we have more good bacteria than the bad ones. Probiotics contains more beneficial bacteria that inhibit multiplication and breeding of harmful ones. After a series of antibiotics mediation which eliminates both the good and bad bacteria, taking a probiotic supplement helps in replacing the good guys faster than you think, bear it in mind that one capsule carries 40 billion beneficial bacteria.

The use of probiotics 40  has been shown to be effective in taking care of diseases such as the antibiotics associated diarrhea, infectious diarrhea, gut transit, abdominal pain and bloating, irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis and helicobacter pylori infection. Probiotics such as the probiotics 40 also have a great impact on our immune system.

Our immune system guides us against infections and germs. When our immune system does not function as it is supposed to, we can be attacked by autoimmune disorders such as the crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis and allergic reactions such as reactions to pollen grain or gluten.

Administration of the probiotics 40 might help a great deal in restoring the bacteria balance and our immune system getting back on its feet. It has also been found to prevent skin disease and promotes a healthy skin The probiotic 40 is 20 times more effective than the other probiotic supplement because it provides protection against stomach acid and ensures the bacteria strains are still full of life when they get into the intestinal tract. 

Key ingredients:

Probiotics 40 is made from strains of bacteria that are essential in digestion of food, support a healthy skin and protect the body against bad bacteria. These ingredients have been declared safe for consumption and are used by a lot of people round the world. The major ingredients in probiotics 40 are;

  • Bifidobacterium lactis (Bl-04)

Bifidoacterium lactis as explained by K Kindfors in his book “clinical and experimental immunology” has been known to support the body’s response to immunity and enhances cellular immunity in old people. It specifically improves the blood’s lipid and glucose tolerance and has been shown to alleviate IBS symptoms significantly.

  • Lactobacillus acidophilus (LA-14)

These bacteria are found in the intestinal tract of human and they help in the maintenance of healthy balance in our intestine. A stable intestinal flora environment is a major variable in enjoying all round sound health. This bacteria strain has been useful as a preventive measure for diarrhea caused by chemotherapy, antibiotics, travel associated diarrhea and hospitalization.

  • Lactobacillus plantarum (Lp-115)

Lactobacillus plantarum is one of the most advantageous bacteria in the controls the level of cholesterol in the body and ensures it is in a healthy level. It has the ability to adhere strongly to the gut to get fed and replicate.

  • Lactobacillus paracasei (LPC-37)

This probiotic bacteria strain helps in nullifying the effect of allergies especially on pollen grains, and it relieves the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome. It also inhibits the growth of detrimental bacteria in the gut. The probiotics 40 as the name implies, has 40 billion probiotic bacteria as a single capsular content.  

Where can you buy them?

The best place to buy this product is right here! They are also best purchased through the manufacturer as you can guarantee the are the real product and there is no 3rd party increasing the price.

Are Probiotics 40 Right For You?

Probiotics are sold and marketed by many companies, but it is quite unfortunate that a good number of them do not offer up to what they claim they do because these dietary supplements can get inactivated by the hostile acidic environment in the stomach before they make it into the intestinal tract. Before choosing a probiotics in the capsulated form, these specific criteria should be met by the product;

  • High CFU count: the desired probiotic brand should have a very high CFU count; 25 billion to 40 billion CFU should be present per capsule of the product. Getting a probiotic supplement with a very high colony forming unit is recommended by digestion experts and nutritionist to ensure adequate number of bacteria gets to the intestinal tract alive. The probiotic 40 meet this criteria by containing 40 billion CFU in a capsule
  • Diversity in strains: a probiotic supplement with diverse strains of bacteria should be selected over one with one or two strains. The probiotics 40 is made of 4 strains of bacteria which are all beneficial to the wellness of the digestive tract.
  • Shelf stable: your probiotics of choice should have a stable shelf life without being refrigerated. This criterion is met by the probiotic 40, as it is stable and potent in room temperature.

Probiotic delivery system

Probiotic 40 has been found to be about 20 times more effective due to an innovative delivery system developed to keep the strains of bacteria safe till it gets to its point of action which is the digestive tract. This innovative system is called the Maktrek technology. The Maktrek 3D probiotic delivery system ensures the living beneficial bacteria are guarded safely in a significant way till they reach their required destination.

  • The 1st D involves a two-step acid protection where the probiotic strain of bacteria is coated with a complex marine polysaccharide; the brown seaweed extract. The blended powder is then shaped in the form of a capsule.
  • The probiotic capsule comes in contact with acids in the stomach when it is swallowed. Once the capsule gets dissolved by the stomach acid, the complex marine polysaccharide forms a secondary internal capsule that protects the live probiotic bacteria strains from the acid.  
  • The second step involves a natural buffering system between the live bacteria strains and the stomach environment. It gives support to the digestive environmental condition and provides balance in the system. This step is important in the safe delivery of live strains of bacteria because probiotic cells prefer a balanced system.
  • The 3rd D is an additional safeguard provided by nature. These strains of bacteria are equipped naturally with the ability to combat common elements in the environment which makes it difficult for them to survive.
  • The Maktrek 3D protected probiotic supplement which the probiotic 40 is an example has been found to have a greater chance of survival in the long run.  


Probiotics 40 is gluten, soy, dairy and allergen free. Its potency is assured till it expires. It is suitable for use by both men and women. It does not need to be refrigerated since it is stable at room temperature. The supplement is developed and formulated with extra care by gastrointestinal tract experts and doctors. Probiotics 40 is proudly made in the USA.  


It might take longer time to be effective It might cause some digestive issues such as gas and bloating at first  

Overall review

Taking probiotics for our health and well being is a big deal because the more we grow older, the more our body gets weaker which also includes the digestive system.

The body’s ability to handle digestion effectively reduces as we grow older, the natural balance of the friendly and unfriendly bacteria gets extremely disturbed which may in turn results into excessive bloating, irregular bowel movement and extreme gassiness.

This is the main reason why it is a bit difficult to stay fit in our advanced age. Sometimes, a relief might be found in these symptoms when a bit more of fiber is added to our diet, but this might not suffice in taking care of this disarray.

A probiotic supplement such as the probiotic 40 will give you a great deal of relief. Probiotics 40 is undoubtedly one of the most sought after and recommended probiotic supplement in the market.

If you are thinking of giving the use of probiotics a try, a probiotics 40 brand is highly recommended to go for, it is also cost effective enough to give you the chance to try without you investing too much in it, but surely, you will not stop at one order.

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