2019 Best Vegan Probiotics Review

Vegan probiotics can improve your digestive health, help you lose weight, boost your performance and make you feel great.

There’s a huge variety of vegan probiotics available, ranging from high-performing formulas with proven ingredients to lower-quality products that lack the necessary concentrations to work.

Without specialist knowledge, it can be difficult to pick the good from the ineffective and who wants to waste time and money searching for the best vegan probiotics through trial and error?

So, what’s the easy way to find the very best options? Simply read on and check out our unbiased, fully researched reviews.

As specialists in probiotics, we use the knowledge we’ve consolidated over  many years to evaluate each of our chosen products. Slim-waist-healthy-food

Unlike many other sites, we recognize that there is not one single product that will work as the best digestive health solution for every single person.

In our commitment to helping you to find the very best options for your digestive health, we evaluate all aspects of each probiotic that we consider to be a trustworthy and highly effective choice.

If it’s not right for your circumstances, we’ll let you know.

Read on and find out all about which products we rate and why, how probiotics work and what the main vegan probiotic ingredients are to look out for.

Review Of The Best Supplements

Check out our top 5 reviews below. Cut out time and hassle choosing between hundreds of products, make your choice from our carefully-selected top picks.

Product# of Probiotics (Billion)VeganDiscountPrice
P3-OM10?best price

best price


best price


best price

Bowtrol950% Off

best price

#1 P3-OM

Quite simply one of the very best vegan probiotics out there, P3-OM is our top pick.

P3-OM contains a high quantity of L Plantarum (2.5 billion CFU), obtained by a patented process resulting in a new super strain.

This super strain has superior reproduction rates enabling it to effectively recolonize your digestive system, unlike many others on the market.

While the number of CFU per serving is considerably lower than many of its competitors, it is P3-OM’s incredible ability to double in number every 20 minutes that means that you do not need such high numbers as its competitors do to effectively colonize your gut.

It is also a freeze-dried formula, meaning you don’t have to worry about refrigeration. Refrigerated probiotics can lose their efficacy or even become ineffective if there has been a short spell without refrigeration during any period before arriving at your home.

P3-OM’s patented super strain also has excellent proteolytic qualities, meaning it works to breakdown unabsorbed protein in the gut. This protein can otherwise lead to bloating, digestive discomfort or can serve as a food source for harmful bacteria.

Thanks to its proteolytic qualities, P3-OM can be extremely effective at reversing weight gain and improving metabolic rates so you could lose weight faster, without even making any extra dietary changes.

As scientists discover more and more benefits of friendly gut bacteria, it is reported that P3-OM could boost your body’s antiviral and anti-tumoral capacities.

P3-OM is suitable for anyone looking to reduce their digestive discomfort, lose weight, boost performance and generally feel better all round. Thanks to its biologically pure culture and plant-based capsule, it is an ideal probiotic suited to a vegan lifestyle.

Our verdict? Thanks to its high efficacy and fast doubling rate, P3-OM really is one of the best vegan probiotics available. It has a wide range of potential health benefits thanks to its wide ranging proteolytic actions, which can not only solve your current digestive health issues, but which could also protect your future health and well being.

#2 Previnex Probiotic

Previnex Probiotic is a highly respected and effective vegan probiotic supplement featuring 30 billion live, friendly bacteria cells per serving.

This huge amount helps to ensure that they can colonize and defend themselves against a hostile environment of unfriendly bacteria.

This vegan probiotic contains no less than six different strains to help to address a wide range of digestive health problems, including breakdown of nutrients, removal of waste (think consistency and regularity) and the absorption of nutrients.

Whatever digestive health issue is preventing you from enjoying life, you could solve it with Previnex. Thanks to its wide range of different strains, it could also help to boost your immune system and help to protect you from future illness.   

Previnex is shelf-stable and does not require refrigeration, meaning you can be confident that its formula remains as effective as it was on the day that it left the laboratory.

Previnex also contains NutraFlora, a clinically-tested prebiotic which has been specially developed to help the friendly bacteria in Prevenix to multiply and colonize. This means you won’t have to worry about providing them with a specific food source, you can continue to eat as you do everyday without needing to make any specific changes.  

With its plant-based capsules, Previnex is suitable for anyone who lives a vegan lifestyle. It is also soy and gluten free.

Our verdict? With its high number of multi-strain bacteria, Previnex provides a wide range of digestive health benefits. We’re impressed with its built-in prebiotic to help colonization and multiplication rates. All in all, this is an excellent vegan probiotic and it comes highly recommended by health specialists and satisfied customers alike.

#3 Probiotic 40-Billion

Probiotic 40-Billion is a powerful probiotic that offers a wide range of health benefits.

From stomach aches to pollen allergies, Probiotic 40-Billion contains several different strains of friendly bacteria to help to reverse the health problems that you’re suffering.

Its scientifically developed formula contains strains that are essential to good digestive health.

Improving your digestive health can have multiple positive effects across your whole body and even reduce the risks of future illness.

Thanks to its Bifidobacterium lactis strain, Probiotic 40-Billion is especially suited to those looking to improve their immune system. It is also believed that it can help to support cellular immunity in the elderly.

All this in addition to improving your general digestive health, reducing bloating, increasing nutrient absorption and improving waste removal.

Probiotic 40-Billion is suitable for everyone and it’s natural and effective plant-based ingredients are suitable for vegans.

Our verdict? Probiotic-40 Billion is a high-quality vegan probiotic that could be effective against a wide range of health issues. If you’re suffering from digestive problems, you’re likely to see an improvement in your symptoms after using Probiotic 40-Billion.

#4Trust Your Gut. Vegan Probiotic and Prebiotic Supplement

Trust Your Gut is a vegan-suitable probiotic complete with prebiotics. Containing 16 billion CFUs per serving and six different strains, it has the capacity to greatly enhance your digestive health.  

This probiotic is made from 100% organic ingredients that are vegan friendly. They are also soy and gluten free, without any filler ingredients, making it a suitable choice for just about everyone.

Trust Your Gut is also freeze-dried meaning it retains all of its efficacy and you can take it with you without hassle.

This clinically produced multi-strain probiotic has been specially formulated to give you a comprehensive mixture of probiotics that are essential for optimal digestive health.

This composition has also been shown to be effective for mood balance, hair and skin health as well as in combatting harmful pathogens that can cause illness.

Our verdict? We’re impressed with this probiotic’s wide range of potential health benefits. It’s also great that it includes a prebiotic to help to support the friendly bacteria in their colonization. This means you can benefit from all of the positive effects of a well balanced gut without having to change your diet.

#5 Bowtrol Probiotic

Bowtrol Probiotic contains 10 billion colony forming units of friendly bacteria per capsule. Bowtrol’s formula consists of 14 different strains to ensure adequate targeting of a wide range of health issues.

The 14 different strains in Bowtrol Probiotics make up 90% of the total of strains that have been tested in clinical probiotic studies for effectiveness.

This is one of the reasons that Bowtrol is so fast-acting with results regularly seen within just two weeks.

Bowtrol uses all natural products to boost your digestive tract health by restoring the balance of healthy bacteria.

Thanks to its wide ranging types of microorganisms, Bowtrol has not only helped thousands of people to restore their digestive health, but also improved their mental focus, energy levels and overall well being. 

Boosting your number of friendly digestive bacteria can in turn help to improve your immune system and countless customers have reported being in much better general health since they have started this probiotic supplements.

More energy, less colds and better digestive health, Bowtrol has become an extremely popular supplement, suitable for almost everyone. Made from all natural substances, it is also suitable for vegans.

Our verdict? If you’re looking for fast results for a boost to your digestive health and wellbeing in general, then Bowtrol is definitely an excellent choice. Its formula features the vast majority of clinically tested probiotic strains for improved efficacy. Anyone looking to improve their concentration, skin or energy levels could also benefit from this winning formula.

How Do They Work?

We are one of the best sources for probiotics on the web we understand the importance of know exactly what is in these supplements.

Our modern lifestyles and medicine often inadvertently damage the balance of bacteria in our digestive system.

This imbalance can work in the favor of pathogenic bacteria which cause discomfort and can lead to a wide variety of health problems without enough good bacteria to help to keep them in check. Taking antibiotics can wipe out our digestive system’s microorganisms causing further health issues.

In order to replace the good bacteria you would need to eat a huge amount of fermented products. As a vegan, the options are further limited as many natural probiotics are found in dairy products.

Probiotic supplements work by providing a high dose of natural good gut bacteria. This high dose allows you to recolonize your gut with friendly bacteria in an easy, effective way.

How Can Vegan Probiotics Help?

People have been searching for solutions to their digestive health problems throughout history.

With the evolution of modern medicine and science, the connection between a healthy gut and general all-round health is being increasingly promoted.

However, not all of us have the correct balance of healthy bacteria in our gut that are essential for keeping us in good health. Modern life often skewers the balance against these so-called friendly bacteria. Have you ever taken a course of antibiotics, been under high levels of stress or drank alcohol excessively?

These factors are known to wipe out the friendly microorganisms in your gut that are essential for good digestive health. Research is increasingly showing that they are in fact responsible for keeping us in good health and that they could even play an important role against major diseases.

Bloating, gas and a slow metabolism are all signs that you may have reduced numbers of friendly bacteria in your digestive system. You may also feel ‘heavy’, easily fatigued or just generally out of sorts.

So, what do you do when you need to “top up” your levels of good bacteria? In the days before vegan probiotic supplements, your options would be pretty much nonexistent and ineffective. You wouldn’t have had much choice beyond fermented vegetables.

Fine by me, you may well be thinking. But before you break out the pickled cabbage, just a few words of advice. To be in with a chance of getting anywhere near a high enough dose of probiotics to recolonize your gut you would have to eat almost from dawn til dusk nonstop. And that most probably still wouldn’t be enough.

Secondly, you would have had no way of identifying if the friendly bacteria you were trying to introduce, were in fact who you thought they were.

In short, vegan probiotics provide you with a convenient, vegan-friendly and safe way to increase your levels of friendly, health-protecting bacteria.

Lose your bloat, get rid of digestive discomfort and enjoy the freedom of being able to eat what you like.

Probiotics can also provide improvements in your focus, performance and boost your morale.

What’s more, scientists are attributing new benefits to our gut’s friendly bacteria on an ever-increasing basis. The changes you make today could be crucial for your future health. And we all know the knock-on effects that illness can cause to your family, financial stability and psychological well-being.

Are Organic Probiotics Different?

Vegan organic probiotics are natural probiotics that do not contain any colorants or artificial substances.

They are made entirely from natural ingredients and are suitable for vegans. Many organic vegan probiotics contain plant derived ingredients, for example the capsule itself. These plants have been grown and harvested respecting the environment and the plants themselves, without the use of chemicals such as pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

They are a way you can support protecting the environment and nature, as well as ensuring that you’re not exposing yourself to any hazardous chemicals and their derivatives.

These are better for you, better for nature and better for us all.

Breakdown Of The Ingredients:

Certain probiotics contain different strains, so it’s definitely worth looking into what kind they contain and how they could help alleviate your health problems.

Aside from the actual strain itself, it is important to look at the concentration. In order for the probiotics to survive a potentially deadly environment and to colonize your digestive tract they need to be available in high numbers. Probiotics are therefore generally measured in CFUs (colony forming units).

Note, this is to ensure that the probiotics can multiply and to enhance the chances of a successful colonization. There are also certain products such as P3-OM that contain a high number of CFUs but this figure remains inferior to many others. In this case it is worth noting that the superior doubling rate of P3-OM more than makes up for the lower concentration of CFUs as they will double every 20 minutes.

Aside from the actual probiotics themselves, it is also worth noting that some supplements also contain prebiotics as well. The addition of prebiotics ensures a food supply for the probiotics that will also help them to multiply and effectively colonize your gut.

Here’s a list of some of the main probiotic strains to look out for in your vegan probiotic supplement.

Main Ingredients found in Vegan Probiotic Supplements

  • Lactobacillus Plantarum is one of the most important bacterium found in your body. It has been found to promote digestive health with all of its related benefits. There is also evidence to support the theory that L plantarum helps to support healthy levels of cholesterol.
  • Bifidobacterium Lactis is beloved to play a role in supporting your body’s immune system. It can also help to support cellular immunity in elderly persons.
  • Lactobacillus Acidophilus resides in the intestinal tract in the gut and is believed to play an important role in assisting and  maintaining a healthy intestinal flora.
  • Bifidobacterium Breve helps to relieve bloating, diarrhea, constipation, and gas. This strain is popular for its efficacy against a large number of pathogenic bacteria as unlike many other strains it can digest a wide variety of bacteria.

How Much Should You Take?

Vegan probiotic supplements are mainly available in capsule form. Depending upon the composition of these capsules, the number that you are advised to take and when varies from one supplement to another.

Some supplements require you to take one or two capsules daily, others with main meals and before going to sleep.

Bear in mind the number of capsules you will need to take per day. A higher-priced supplement that only requires a low number of capsules per day, can often work out cheaper than a less expensive supplement that requires you to take a lot more capsules per day. 

Can You Use Natural Alternatives?

Yes, you could make homemade probiotics to take. However, as a vegan certain probiotics that are naturally occurring in dairy products would of course, have to be ruled out.

Fermenting vegetables takes a lot of time and effort. And, what’s more, even after all this time and effort there is no clear guarantee that you will be taking the probiotics that you need. Not unless you have a laboratory at your disposal to test your products.

Also, you would have to eat huge quantities of fermented vegetables to get anywhere near the amount needed for friendly bacteria to be able to colonize your digestive system.

This is why we recommend vegan probiotic supplements. Simply take the capsules as directed for a hassle-free way to top up your levels of good bacteria.

Where To Buy?

To help you to find the very best vegan probiotics we’ve provided you with links to all of our recommended products.

By clicking on one of our links, this ensures that you will be directed to the exact product from our review, saving you time and hassle searching for it and ensuring that it is the genuine article and not a copy.

Should I Try These Products?

In one word, yes! The benefits are too good to pass by on.

Unlike taking artificial products, taking a natural vegan probiotic supplement aims to simply restore your levels of friendly bacteria which have been reduced by our modern lifestyle.

So go on, give it a try and give your body the chance to restore itself to full health, naturally. After all, we all deserve to live life to the full. So why let your digestive health stop you from feeling great and full of life?

As scientists find more and more benefits related to the good bacteria found in our digestive tracts, the more sense it makes to protect your future health by taking probiotic supplements, for yourself, your family and your financial security.